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Engage Your Body

Transform Your Fitness Journey

If you are looking at this you are considering whether you should invest in yourself and hire a coach to help you towards your goals. You are probably unsure if a coach/PT is something you want to invest in. I had doubts 7 years ago when I hired a coach to help me. Looking back, it was the best decision I have ever made. 

It's too easy to make excuses as to why now is not the right time. There is always some reason to put something off. But do you want to look back 6 months from now and see all the amazing progress you have made, or do you want to look back 6 months from now and see all that amazing progress you have made in the last 6 months?

If you are ready to take action, read on.

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What is Personal Training and Coaching all about?

People hire a personal trainer and coach for many reasons. Some may lack confidence in the gym, some may have stalled in the progress that they are making and are not really sure how to proceed, others may want to lose fat and tone up, and for some it comes down to staying accountable to their actions. 


No matter what your reason for seeking a coach, all are valid, and all can benefit from the help of a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Personal Training and Coaching with me is a bespoke service built around you, your needs and abilities that gives you the support, encouragement and push you need to reach your goals.


Continue reading below for the specifics of what coaching with me looks like, but know its not just some meal plan and training plan (your can find plenty of them online for free), its about realigning your behaviours, building new skills, and working on your habits to ensure they align goals to get you the results you want.


Why else would you hire a coach to get you there, its not for some generic training plan.

Are you just going through the motions?

A lot of people go through the motions, focus on the wrong things and as a result, never get the results that they want. Before long they have given up, back to square one, ready to start the next craze they have heard about on social media.

As a coach, I am here to drive you. To use my expertise to get you the results you seek. That's not to say it's on me and that you won't have to work hard to get the results you seek. There is no quick fix,  we will work together to push you out of your comfort zone and give you a structured plan to get you to your goals.

With 6 years of experience working on my own health and fitness and 3 years as a coach and personal trainer, I am here to give you the knowledge and understanding you need to achieve long-lasting results. Results that are not just for the short term but that you can live with for the rest of your life. 

Why you should invest in yourself.

I firmly believe in investing in yourself and why hiring a coach can be one of the best investments  you ever make. In 2017 I hired a coach to help me, I hadn't exercised in my life, I wanted to make drastic changes to my life, and I needed help, support, and guidance to get there. Hiring a coach to help me was the best decision I ever made and something I firmly believe helped drive me to my goals not only in losing 65kg but also gaining confidence in myself, my training and changing my outlook on life.


If you have been struggling to reach your goals, lack confidence in knowing what to do or how to train. Maybe you’re returning from injury or feel you need consistency and accountability and a coach to keep you progressing. You might have hit a plateau in your training or struggle with your form and worry about injuring yourself.


Ultimately people go to a PT for many reasons, only you will know what you struggle with, what you need support with, and what 

has brought you to my website.


At Level Up Fitness, we believe in offering a number of services to meet our clients needs. Being fit and healthy should be accessible to all, and in a form that suits their needs. Below you will find details on how you can work with us.


1-2-1 Coaching

(in person or online)

If you are looking for a bespoke service built around you, this is for you. We go back to basics, look at your goals, and your current situation and build a plan from there. Whether you're new to exercise, have an underlying health condition or need the accountability and expertise to get you to your goal. 

This is for you if you are new to exercise and training, looking to build confidence in the gym and your training or need extra support in teaching you how to train safely and effectively whilst towards their goals.

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Yoga Teacher

(in person or online)

At Level Up Fitness, we believe that yoga is for everybody. offering both in-person and online sessions and accessible to everyone, regardless of your experience or body type. Yoga has numerous benefits, including improving flexibility, reducing stress, and increasing overall strength and well-being.


Our sessions are designed to help you improve your flexibility, strength and balance, while also reducing stress, anxiety and promoting relaxation. Join me and discover the transformative power of yoga in a supportive and encouraging environment,

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Level Up Fitness Online

(free or ultimate membership)

Level Up Fitness is an online health, fitness and wellbeing platform designed to support you towards your fitness goals. With home and gym workouts, yoga classes, nutrition guides, recipes and more it's a great place to start your fitness journey.


Sign up for free to get started, or upgrade the the ultimate online membership for access to all content.

Join us on mobile!

Download the Fit by Wix app and join the “Level Up Fitness” community for free to easily stay updated on the go, get some free workouts and nutritional advice and support.

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